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Should You Have Faith in uFun uToken Digital Currency?

uToken, an online virtual currency created by UFUN, provides marketers with the potential to earn a serious income online…IF… everything they are promoting, claiming and advertising actually holds truth and merit in the bitcoin-like world.

uToken packages can be purchased online from uFun Club members and there are three different packages. Packages range from $500 to $50,000 USD and these packages come with various types of uToken points, which include:

  • S-points: Shipping vouchers
  • P-points: Free Products
  • U-points: uToken “multiply”

This is great and all but how can I actually make money from selling uToken packages?

uFun uToken Compensation Plan

If you decide to sell uTokens, then you can enjoy a generous compensation plan offered by UFUN to reward you for your efforts. uToken is based on MLM, or multi-level marketing, which means those with large networks will be able to earn the most money.

uToken members earn between 7 and 12% commission per person who joins directly below them. There’s an additional 7-12% development bonus for everyone else below you.

ufun utoken digital currencyA management bonus is given to active uToken members based on their membership level. This level is influenced by the development bonus of direct referrals as well as their referrals. You can earn 3% for up to 7 levels of referrals below you.

Finally, a global turnover incentive bonus is given to the most active users. The requirements for this bonus are step and difficult to achieve but this bonus pays out the most amount of money, which is why only a few members will ever achieve it.

To recap, there are four ways to make money from uToken:

  • Direct referral bonus on all direct sales (7-12%)
  • Development bonus for referral sales (7-12%)
  • Management bonus dependent on development bonus (3% up to 7 levels)
  • Global turnover incentive bonus dependent on position and level (up to 3%)

As you can see, there is a great earning potential with uToken. How much you earn depends on your ability to work hard and your marketing skills. With some effort, your hard work can help create a substantial income online.

There are of course governing bodies which regulate this in the bitcoin world such as the digital currency council but to date no one really understands the reserve banking aspect behind uFun’s uToken international money exchange.

Will UFUN Really Pay Me uTokens?

Several people have expressed concern about being paid by UFUN. However, UFUN claims to have diverse investments in gold, property, and retail, which is why it is considered a more stable company. Therefore, you should have zero concerns about being paid.

Will I Really Make Money With UFUN?

As previously mentioned, how much you make selling uToken packages will depend on your ability to market and the effort you put into it. With enough hard work and motivated referrals, you could become one of the next UFUN millionaires.

It won’t be easy and you may have trouble getting a head start but once you break the ice, making a substantial income from UFUN will be easy and fun. Plus with the growth of the virtual currency market, the future of UFUN is very bright. Now is the perfect time to get into the market, especially if you’re interested in the virtual currency market.